Get Away Sc 4 – NakedSword Originals


Diego races through an old town graveyard in pursuit of an address labeled “Boss” that he finds on Reign’s phone. He runs by signs that read, “You’re Dead To Me” & Diego is desperate to save him and his friends and find out who is hunting them down. When Diego Sans arrives at the address, he hears a phone ringing inside. He rushes in to call for help but just as he reaches the phone & the lights go out and Damien Crosse reveals the truth behind the twisted games and mystery is exposed. Diego fights for his life as the two face off in an epic battle. Damien is a maniacal man who is loving nothing more than the brutal beat down. He convinces Diego that he can get him off the island if he gives him something first. Damien sits Diego in a chair and slides his pants down to suck on Diego’s cock. With Diego’s knob polished, Damien bends over to get his ass ate before Diego sticks his hard cock in Damien’s crack. Once Diego is finished drilling Damien bareback from behind, Diego fucks Damien’s ass missionary until Damien’s tight ass sends Diego over the edge and he shoots his thick load in Damien’s mouth. With his face covered in his enemy’s cum, Damien explodes all over himself. There is one thing left to do but will he ‘Get.Away.’ with it?

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