Joel Someone & Nic Sahara RAW


We find Joel Someone and Nic Sahara making out on the sofa as the two explore each other’s bodies. Nic wastes no time getting acquainted with Joel’s ass, and Joel is only too happy to encourage Nic as he inserts a finger into Joel’s hungry hole.Joel seems totally enamored with Nic – throughout the shoot, Joel frequently praises Nic’s handsome looks and strong, ‘manly’ body.Joel stands on the sofa and Nic begins to worship Joel’s rock-hard cock. With some help and encouragement from Joel, Nic is nearly able to accommodate Joel’s entire dick as Nic continues to probe Joel’s ass with his fingers.Joel turns around and spreads his cheeks as Nic dives right in, eating Joel’s ass as he continues to stroke Joel’s cock.Joel decides he wants a taste of Nic’s cock, so Nic sits down on the sofa and Joel gets on all-fours. Joel throats Nic’s entire dick, gagging on it a few times, which only seems to encourage the both of them.Nic lays back as Joel explores Nic’s hole with his tongue. Nic plays with his own cock and hoists his legs up over his head, giving Joel total access.After Joel ensures that Nic’s cock is fully lubricated with ‘natural lubricant,’ Joel positions himself over Nic’s dick and easily slides it into his hole. Joel quickly starts bouncing and grinding before Nic takes over, fucking up into Joel’s welcoming ass as Joel makes it obvious that he’s enjoying every single inch of what Nic has to offer.Joel climbs off and spins around, tasting his ass on Nic’s dick before getting into doggy position. Nic plows deep into Joel’s ass as Joel strokes himself.Joel turns over on to his back and Nic continues his relentless plunging in and out of Joel’s hole. Precum drips from Joel’s dick as Nic stimulates Joel’s prostate.Nic fails to express how close he is to climax and as we’re preparing to move cameras around for a final position change, Nic abruptly says that he’s going to cum. Luckily, we have just enough time to get the cameras rolling again as Nic busts his nut all over Joel’s ass. Joel tastes a sample of Nic cum as the camera pans away.

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