Milo Maderas and Alex Montenegro – Sep 22, 2021


Milo and Alex weren't playing games when it came to fucking. They walked through the door, ready to jump all over each other. The two studs started kissing on the bed but soon were undressing each other while licking and sucking. Milo is more than a little ass hungry and can't wait until he is deep inside Alex's ass. He gives Alex's hole a little taste before sitting back and getting his big cock sucked. Alex took the opportunity as soon as Milo gave it to him because they both knew they wanted to fuck. Alex gets on his knees, and Milo slides his thick shaft right inside his ass. Alex is happy to let Milo inside his hole but wants that cock in his mouth again. Alex goes ass to mouth and back to ass again. He gets on his back, and Milo gets back to pounding away. They fucking all over the bed until Milo let his load fly. Alex dumps his load right after. Mission complete.

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