Roxy Shaw in Checking In – PlayboyPlus


I'm an extremely giving, free-spirited, and down-to-earth individual, says Muse, Roxy Shaw, as she returns for her second gallery and video from the photographer, Cassandra Keyes. A full-time model and artist, Roxy is often traveling for her work. I adore anything that involves creating, she shares, and certainly traveling to new places. For Roxy, the response from her audience is what is most exciting about this line of work. My passions involve creating things that make people feel something, she begins. Whether that is through my art, modeling, or inspiring through my voice. It is important that I'm involved in society and not just living through time. When it comes to being nude on camera, she's comfortable. I hope this is the first of many, she says of being on set with us. I feel amazing posing nude. Nude photography focuses solely on the figure, and I find that absolutely beautiful." See more of Roxy Shaw right here on Playboy Plus! exclusive photos and videos from PlayboyPlus

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