Skin Deep Sc 3 – NakedSword Originals


When Jax Thirio switches up his usual masseur and pays Masyn Thorne a visit, Masyn is curious about Jax’s intentions. After Jax strips and Masyn begins to rub him down, Jax makes his intentions clear when he flips on his back to show Masyn his hard cock that Masyn is eager to suck. Climbing up on the table, Masyn goes down on Jax while planting his own cock down Jax’s throat. As the paying customer, Jax is free to do what he wants, moving his tongue from Masyn’s cock, back to his hole. After getting tongue-fucked, Masyn stays bent over to take Jax’s thick rod from behind. From the table to the bed, Masyn’s lays face down and ass up to let Jax pile-drive his ass. Switching positions, Jax gets on his back and Masyn sinks down all the way to the balls on top of Jax. When Jax wants to take back the reins, he throws Masyn on his back and keeps pumping his hole bareback until Masyn pops with a thick load all over his stomach. When it’s Jax’s turn, he covers Masyn’s stretched ass with his thick ropes.

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