An Evening of Sofa and Reading


YUDHAREFRIZAL is next to Justin Jett (POV), reading a book on the sofa. But Justin puts his foot in his lap, because he wants a massage. He does it while he continues reading, and Justin starts to touch his bulge, because YUDHAREFRIZAL turns him on very much. Once he realizes, he continues with the massage, but on his dick! He leaves the book aside and takes off Justin’s trousers.YUDHAREFRIZAL gives him an amazing blowjob on the sofa. He sticks his cock deep inside his mouth and gives him an intense and fast masturbation with his lips. Then, he sits on top of him in different positions like reverse cowboy, missionary or doggy. Their sex is passionate, sexy and delicious… The moanings, his body, his sensual lips… Everything is so hot! YUDHAREFRIZAL rolls his eyes back while he masturbates and cums over himself at the same time that Justin keeps fucking him in the ass. At the end, he takes both of their dicks and masturbate Justin until he cums over his body too.

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