Come To Daddy – NakedSword Originals


Falcon/NakedSword kicks off the Model Behavior series with “Come To Daddy,” a smoking-hot video session that proves sex in 2020 is virtually as hot as it ever was. Horned up and looking to bust a nut, sexy ‘daddy’ Ricky Larkin calls his boy Skyy Knox. As luck would have it, Skyy has just completed an in-home workout and can’t wait to show off his fresh pits, sweaty chiseled body, and sweet spunky hole. Ricky tugs on his massive cock while Skyy spreads his cheeks then strips off his shoes and socks so Ricky can get a good look at his feet, daddy’s favorite obsession. Dominant Ricky orders Skyy to roll on his back and show him his pink hole, prompting Skyy to pull out a dildo for some hot butt-play. Both men work themselves and each other into a frenzy until Skyy blows his load all over the dildo and eats it, followed by Ricky who drops his load on the camera until he disappears into a white cloud of cum.

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