Ducky and Will Price – Nov 17, 2021


Real-life couple Ducky and Will wanted to show us how much better the sex is now than when we saw them last. And we were happy to do our part. It gets rough and sweaty quickly after some kissing as Will goes down and swallows Ducky's thick, hung cock to the point of tears, which gets Ducky even harder. Then it's time for Ducky to do what turns him on the most, which is stuffing his face in Will's ass. This becomes a common theme as Ducky destroys Will's hole, then soothes it with his mouth before going back in and plowing his boy's ass some more. Will doesn't seem to mind as his eyes roll in the back of his head repeatedly with every stroke. Even with Ducky's hands wrapped around Will's throat, there is a sense of passion that only a couple can provide. Ducky knows just how to treat his boy and doesn't disappoint, leaving Will covered in his own cum as he strokes out his well-deserved reward.

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