Hans Berlin


We ve been trying to get super-bottom Sam Syron back for a while, every since his very sexy solo and when we offered him a session with hunky, chunky, thick-club-cocked Hans there was no way he could resist, could you – just imagine that slab of Berlin beef coming’ atcha! The lads are over the scaffolding of our new set, we haven’t even finished building it, but nothing gets in the way of a steamy coupling and that scaffolding came in handy as Sam pushed out his peachy, hairy arse cheeks to Hans’ throbbing dick. But Hans LUVS a bit of cock first and sucked Sam’s oversized, uncut dick to rigid attention until Sam was literally begging to be fucked. Hans gives it to Sam every which way until Sam’s tight hole is sodden, succulent mess of aching juicy eagerness. And then Hans lifts him up slides him onto his stiff dick and fucks him some more, nasty fucker!

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