Heidi Romanova in Poison Ivy – PlayboyPlus


International model Heidi Romanova returns with a new look in this feature from the photographer Henrik Pfeifer. We get to know Heidi better on the set of a hotel room abroad. What makes me, me? Being as sarcastic as humanly possible, laughs Heidi. And dancing silly and loving pizza. Food is something Heidi is quite passionate about. Cooking is my love language, so if I like you, you'd never feel hungry, she says. Some other hobbies? Heidi loves to be active. I love long-distance walking! I normally walk 10+ km every day. It's a meditation for me, she says. Exploring new places is always exciting. [I love] spontaneous car trips around Europe [too], and I also do photography maybe one day you'll see me as a Playboy photographer! For Heidi, it's all about storytelling in her photos. You make your own little story about something beautiful, she says. I love nude photography and nude bodies. I think it's beautiful, that's why I do it. It feels great to be a part of Playboy if I have grandstepsonren, I'll show them my work! See more of Heidi Romanova here on Playboy Plus. exclusive photos and videos from PlayboyPlus

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