Joanna fucks while wearing glasses


Here, Joanna Meadows, a 52-year-old mother and grandmother, goes right for the cock. There's no setup. The scene opens with Joanna sucking dick and closes with her getting her face glazed. The guy who's doing the glazing is young enough to be her son, which is fine by Joanna. "I've had quite a bit of sex with younger men," she said. "I'm often sought out by men in their early 20s who are drawn to older women. I love the energy that they offer and that many of them are multi-orgasmic and quick to bounce back after climax." Bouncing back after having sex with Joanna might take a little time. She's a vigorous fuck athlete who bounces hard on cock, can take every thrust and spreads her pussy and ass wide while she's fucking. She's obviously very into it. And, by the way, she's wearing glasses in this scene. Very nice. "I've been open-minded and sexually adventurous for over 36 years," Joanna told us. "One of the encounters that surprised me the most was with my partner, my friend Jenny and her husband at a steakhouse in Orlando. We were in a private dining room and had just finished dinner when her husband told me toe over and give him a blow job. Jenny did the same to my partner. All the while, staff wasing in and out and taking plates, bringing dessert. He came on my face and my partner gave Jenny a facial as well. And we videoed the whole thing. Definitely the boldest public sexual experience I've ever had. "I love giving oral sex and feel really rewarded from being able to make men orgasm, especially if it's faster and harder than they usually do. I greatly enjoy vaginal sex, particularly if it's a little on the rough side." Here, it's a little on the rough side. Just a little.

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