Kali’s Second Glory Hole Video, Scene #01


Kali is back, the blonde bombshell and her love for cock sucking! She giggles in her interview, looking super sexy in her tube top and skirt. She flashes and sits very lady like. Ha! Not really she spreads her gorgeous legs for us. Cock number 1 pushes through the hole and she laughs, she remembers him from the last visit to our gloryhole. He is soft, but oh so ready for her pretty lips and mouth to wrap around him. He gets big and hard for her. She strokes and sucks him until he pops his load on to her warm inviting tongue. Some drips down her chin, but she swallows the majority of it. She moves over to cock number 2. She asks him if he is a redhead, she likes that. She starts to stroke his cock and then strips off her top first. She then stands up and her skirt hits the floor. His hand comes through the hole and he wants to touch her nice soft ass. He fingers her wet, excited pussy. His cock comes through the hole harder than before for obvious reasons. She gives him a juicy blowjob until he explodes all over her beautiful face and chest. Cock number 3 reaches through the hole and he wants to touch her ass and pussy from behind. He rubs her clit and slaps her ass. She gets down and starts to suck his cock, she uses her hand to stroke him as well. She goes up and down on him blowing him until he pops in her mouth, he has a big load and it drips all over her lips, mouth and chest. She is covered in cum now. Cock number 4 pushes through the hole and she starts to stroke him, she uses her tongue and mouth, she takes him deep. She gives him a delicious blowjob until he explodes his man juice on to her tongue. She jerks him off until he finishes. Kali is enjoying herself draining all these guys. She moves over to cock number 5 and lubes up his cock. She strokes him and licks his head, he grows hard and big for her. She once again uses her cock sucking professional skills until he cums into her mouth and a little on her face. She shows her nice ass and pussy before moving over to cock number 6. He pushes through the hole already hard for her. She uses her magical hands and mouth on him. She knows he is European by his penis. She likes it, her ex had a similar cock. Her hot naked body gets to work on him. She spends a lot of time working his excited, hard cock. He wants to see her ass, she puts it up to the hole and he likes what he sees. He starts to jerk off to her pretty ass. She helps him out by rubbing her pussy for him. His hand reach through and he rubs her sweet little pussy until she cums. He pushes through the hole again and she blows him until he reaches orgasm, he cums in her mouth and all over her face. Last but not least cock number 7 pushes through the hole ready for his turn. Kali strokes, licks and sucks him until he unleashes his big load into her mouth and all over her lips. It drips all over her pretty self, she is completely covered in 7 strangers cum! She loves it and we love her!

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