Laura's first Glory Hole Video , Scene #01


When we first met Laura from a friend of ours we had a hard time believing she was the kind of girl that would go into a Glory Hole, she is so pure and innocent looking. She is only 21, but guess what we were wrong…this girl really knows how to suck and swallow. We sat her down on the couch to get to know her a little better. She told us that she gave her first blow job when she was 17 then continued to tell us she has sucked a few cocks at the same time, but I knew we would be able to surpass her personal record. As she went back to the hole she was defiantly getting turned on. She starts off with the first cock sucking, jerking and playing with his balls, she then realizes there are 2 cocks available for her pleasure. She get the second cock hard then moves back to the first cock to swallow his load, she shows the camera the cum on her tongue before she swallows is down. Back to cock 1, she sucks and squeezes his balls till he dumps his load in her mouth. As the 3rd cock comes through the hole she races over to get busy on it, but he wants to play with her perky youthful boobs before he lets her devour his balls up and down the shaft. She continues till he cums in her mouth and all over her lips. Cock 5 gets some good sucking and licking before he drops his cum load in her mouth. Cock 6 gets some good ball licking and kissing before she left him suck her nipples, not much longer after that he gives up his cum to her hungry mouth. Cock 6 gets some good head play and tonguing before her gives Laura his hot load. By the time Laura gets to cock 7 she is completely naked and playing with her pussy. She strokes and sucks the next big cock while playing with his balls frantically till out comes the cum. This girl is surely getting her protein today. She swallows 11 loads of cum for a personal record for Laura and the Glory Hole Secret both.

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