Many Shades Of Pink


Ever since your dad married Tiffany Rousso, life around the house has been difficult because she is so smoking hot, likes to wear skimpy outfits and brings in other sexy women almost daily. Since your father makes a good living at his job, his new wife didn't have to work, but Tiffany had been a teacher and wanted to keep busy while he was away. She started bringing in students from your college to tutor in difficult courses. This helped her stay busy, brought in some money and made her happy. It also meant that a stream of co-eds was in the house, adding to your frustration on a daily basis. You tried to avoid Tiffany and her students to help the situation, but no matter how many times you locked the door and spent time with your VR Headset, you couldn't hide your interest forever. One day you come out of your room to find Tiffany in pink lingerie and her newest student Matty right there with her. Tiffany knows that you go to college with Matty and thinks it's time for you to get to know her better. Not like that, silly. Matty only likes other girls, but she is happy to help Tiffany put on a VR taboo show you will never forget. Do you like the outfits? Which tits do you like better, stepmommy's big huge hooters or Matty's perky little boobies? How about Tiffany's big round ass? Matty loves it so much that she is happy to cheat on her girl for a taste of those thick cheeks. Sit back, take off your pants and watch them both play with themselves. You just have to promise not to tell Matty's girlfriend or your father. Cumming with these two beauties has to stay a secret.

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