Mariza Rabbit: Back that Ass Up


Fresh from her smoking-hot threesome with fellow bra-stretcher Victoria Vale and stud G.I. Joey, super-stacked Mariza Rabbit offers her hot ass and spectacular body to Nicky Rebel. Approaching Rebel who’s been checking out “Big Tit Texan” Mariza in her white tube-up and denim shorts, she tells him that she’s ready. Ready? Ready for him to anal her. Mariza loves anal pleasure. Mariza takes Rebel’s cock out of his pants and hovers over his lap to suck. He pulls her top down so he can lay his mouth on her massive fantasy breasts. He puts his hand down her shorts to rub her pussy. While he’s doing that, she tugs on his pole. Mariza applies her throat and sexy lips to his dick again and offers her deep cleavage for a tit-fucking. Mariza gets on her hands and knees with her ass in the air so Rebel can pull her panties off. He sticks one finger in her pussy and the other in her butthole and finger-bangs her. Now nude with heels, Marisa lies on her back, legs spread. Rebel licks her pussy and giant clitty, making her wet for his cock. He fucks her in her pussy, pulls out and puts his dick into her ass, pushing her leg back so he can drive in deeper. Before Mariza gets on top facing him, she takes off her shoes and sucks him again, then sits on his pole and grinds.

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