Minxie in Bed and Bath – PlayboyPlus


What do I consider my special talent? Captivating audiences with just a glance, says Minxie. Returning for her fourth solo feature from the photographer Madeline Northway, Minxie poses on the set of a vibrant home. A long-time fan of Playboy, being on set again is a treat for Minxie. One of my favorite things about collecting vintage Playboys are the articles on what was buzzing at that moment [in time], she says. It's a dream come true [to shoot]! Playboy epitomizes what is sexy, cool, and progressive. As for posing nude, Minxie feels comfortable. I feel my most true self in the nude, she smiles. I feel empowered embracing being a multifaceted woman, creating and living a beautiful life on my terms. Often on stage performing burlesque, Minxie admits she a bit of a homebody. Something people wouldn't know about me at first glance is that I'm kind of shy, she laughs. I prefer to be at home or relaxing in a remote location when I'm not performing! Check out all of Minxie's features here on Playboy Plus. exclusive photos and videos from PlayboyPlus

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