New England Vs Ireland 2 – LukeHardyXXX


Time for round two with Bella Trix and Shelly! Shagging these two is a treat because their competition is real! Each bird is eager to please and Lukey is damn Lucky and in for a wild treat! One hops on top and slides down on me shaft. She was buckin' hard from the start as I feel the other's hands all over me. Both enjoy my stick and constantly take it out to taste all of our juices before slippin' it back in. I've never seen two young birds this excited and selfish for my dong! I pump Bella from behind, deep and fast…until Shelly needs her fix! Each nympho takes their turn riding Lukey but both are greedy and want more dick. I can barely contain myself as they both take turns tossin my salad and sucking my balls. What a close competition for Bella and Shelly….I may have to have a redo!

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