Punish Me Now


Sata Jones knows that she is in big trouble. She was tasked with taking her boss' expensive sports car to get it detailed. On the way back, she was in a bad accident and while she was not hurt, the car is totaled. He loves that car and Sata knows that he is going to be beyond angry. Luckily, she has a plan. During her duties, Sata has seen the kind of VR porn her boss likes to browse and knows just how to stay out of trouble. She presents herself to him in a very short dress and hands over some black rope for him to tie her up with. Once her wrists are bound, she starts to tell him about the car, but he stops her by putting his fingers in her mouth. What she has to say can wait. He wants to see how well she can suck. When she passes the test, he replaces his fingers with his cock. Knowing that she has to make him very happy, Sata does her best, taking him deep and using her tongue in every way she knows. He leaves her hands tied and turns her around to fuck her pussy from behind. It turns her on more than she thought it would and when he finally frees her hands, she bounces on his big cock enthusiastically. He lets her cum on top before asking her to tell him what she did. After her confession, he is not angry but makes her get on top again. This time he thrusts up inside of her until he shoots his big creamy load. He lets her go, giving her back the ropes and telling her that she will be working off his car repairs after-hours for as long as he commands.

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