Save Me and Suck Me – RealityLovers


Only the best porn makes us laugh at the start and cum at the end. Just as long as it’s not the other way around. The best thing to ever come out of the city of Brno… possibly, Nicole Vice gets a knock at the door. Our man “Kevin” is met by Nicole, a stunning blonde in a pink tracksuit and he’s got a first aid box with him, he’s dressed in florescent yellow like an almost proper medic. Kevin opens his box of bandages and shows how to wrap a wrist. Useful if someone gets a sprain, perhaps from excessive wanking. Nicole wants to know how to do the Heimlich manoeuvre, Kevin moves into position, no doubt with a hard cock rubbing against her perfect buttocks, as we will soon discover, Nicole has a fantastic ass. But something seems less orthodox as Nicole pulls out Kevin’s cock, seems like the poor fellow has a bit of high blood pressure by the looks of his hard swollen prick in her hands. Now she just can’t resist sucking him off, the lucky medic has got himself a blowjob already. She’s such a hot babe and she loves to talk to our rig, right up close for VR we get to look into her eyes and wet glossy lips. And then off come her panties. Just look, it’s her brown eye asshole right in our faces as the camera zooms in and looks at her wet glossy pussy lips, Nicole certainly has the perfect “sit on my face” ace don’t you think? Aha, the penis is up inside her wet juicy fanny, is this a medical injection or simply an inevitable erection? Kevin pumps her pussy hard as Nicole pleads with him to fuck her as he does her doggy style. Now she’s on her back and he’s deep inside her crack, flicking her bean at the same time, we just know this is not standard first aid. Nicole is all worked up and we can see she seems to be doing a medical check of her tits, she’s got her hands all over them as her cunt gets pumped harder and harder as she squeals with delight. We think Nicole Vice and Kevin the medic enjoyed that one, but how about you, we might need a second opinion. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.

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