Sheridan Love Vs. The Wiseguys


As Elliot described this scene when it first appeared at SCORELAND, “Two mob guys are sent by their boss to his home for a special job: keep an eye on his wife, Sheridan Love, for the day. If she wants to go shopping or out to lunch, they have to stick with her and make sure she gets home safe and sound and unmolested. If not, then it’s badda-bing, badda-boom for the two of them. Sounds like an easy assignment.” Well, it might have been easy if short ‘n’ stacked Sheridan wasn’t wearing a tight dress that her tits are pouring out of and if she didn’t start stroking and sucking their cocks. The two mob dudes know they might end up paying with their lives for this pussy, but right now, their little heads are out-voting their big heads and they’re just gonna have to take their chances. Besides, Sheridan won’t take no for an answer. This was the first on-camera threesome for Sheridan, and one of the mob dudes is JMac, who happens to be Sheridan’s favorite co-star. The way she sucks his big cock and moans when he’s deep-dicking her, you’d think she’s in love. In love with his cock is what she is. Sheridan is one of the horniest girls I’ve ever met. I was surprised it took her so long to decide to do hardcore because whenever she was in the studio with another girl who was doing hardcore, she always had a look on her face that said, “I want some.” And now she’s getting some. Basically, this is a girl who fucks whenever she can and thinks clothes are a waste of time. “I am a nudist whenever possible, so I think it would be awesome if girls could go topless like guys do,” Sheridan said. “We were all born naked. It’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. The human body is a beautiful thing no matter what shape or size. If men are allowed to be topless, women should have that same right. If I could, I would go to a theme park and ride everything naked. The adrenaline would make me super-horny.” Make her super-horny? She’s already super-horny.

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