Show Me Your QR Code


Scarlett Jones is not a woman who usually has to chase men. She is smart, beautiful and knows how to get what she wants. What she wants currently is her handsome new boss. Knowing that is as eccentric as he is wealthy and powerful, Scarlett learns all she can about her boss in an attempt to be ready when she finally gets her chance. After a party, she gets him alone in his room and shows him her body. In this VR episode, he is impressed and likes what he sees, but one of his odd quirks involves an obsession with complete body health. Knowing about this quirk, she shows him a special QR code she has tattooed on her stomach that links him to her complete health report. As he checks out her records, he also gets a good look at her body that looks like the body of a hot VR porn model and both of them leave him with a raging hard-on. This is exactly what she came for and doesn't hesitate for a moment before sucking it into her throat. He is happy to find that she is not only completely healthy but also extraordinarily skilled with her mouth. Hoping she has pleased him, Scarlett is thrilled when he bends her over and fills her dripping pussy with his fat cock. She bounces up and down while he stares at the tattoo on her tummy. He loves how obedient she is and lets her ride until he can no longer hold back. He feeds her his big creamy load and Scarlett takes every drop with a smile. She finally got what she wanted and there will be a lot more where that came from.

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