There's Only One Way Out


Poor Irina Cage. She was just looking to have some fun with her friends. They wanted to go try a quest room and even though she was a little scared, she went along. Little does she know, the man running the room has a predilection for young women in distress. In this VR porn scene, he waits until Irina gets separated from her group and then dims the lights, making her even more frightened. From the shadows, he assures her that he will help her get out of the room and back to her friends. All she has to do is obey his every command and she enjoys this turn of the game a lot. With no choice but to agree, she watches as he emerges from the shadows and approaches her. Expecting him to give her a clue or some game instruction she is shocked when he pulls out his cock and even more stunned to see how big and hard it is. The inexperienced teen has never seen one this big but still knows what to do when he asks her to please him. He fills her mouth with his meat and she can feel his desire, not just to feel her tongue and lips, but to control her, to possess her. Irina likes it a lot, likes it more than any other VR experience she has ever had with a boy. His hands move roughly over her body, grabbing her ass and groping her tits while he fucks her pretty face. Ripping her panties aside, he thrusts his prick into her wet hole and she is suddenly more filled than she has ever been. She doesn't know his name, but every stroke brings her closer to climax. Before she can even completely come down from her orgasm, he pulls out and puts his meat back in her mouth. She sucks it clean while he sprays a big load all over her face. He will now show her the way out, but Irina isn't sure she ever wants to leave

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