What Is Your Excuse?


Petty young Lika Star has been warmed time and time again not to download stolen VR porn content. She knows that piracy is a serious issue, but at nineteen she feels invincible and downloads her favorite VR porn films without any thought to the consequences. She gets the shock of her life when the cyber police show up to find out who has been downloading from her home. She is frightened when she realizes what he has come to do and quickly comes up with a plan. If she can distract the cyber cop by using her body, perhaps she can avoid trouble. At first he is all business, but when she slips her lips over his thumb and starts sucking, the poor public servant has no choice but to succumb to her feminine wiles. Suddenly he forgets all about what might be on her laptop and can't wait to discover what is underneath. Knowing she has him where she wants him, she takes out his cock and puts it in her mouth. Sucking cock to stay out of trouble is nothing new for Lika, but she knows something this big is going to require giving up her tight pussy as well. She doesn't mind that at all. He fucks her from behind with the same ferocity that he used her mouth and that makes Lika wetter than she has ever been in her life. She has been a bad girl and it is his job to punish her. After she cums hard all over his big cock, he pulls out and sprays her pretty face with his cum. He lets her off with a warning, but promises to be back and she knows she will be up for another round of punishment.

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