You Are Hired


When Sandra Sweet took the job at a new VR firm, she knew she would be starting at the bottom. Taking a job that was beneath her qualifications and education was a necessary step to make it up the ladder. She was confident that her skills and intelligence would get her noticed quickly. As expected, she is up for promotion in no time at all. Her pride is a little wounded when her boss instructs her to wear a very specific dress to her promotion interview. She is further disheartened when she comes into his office and finds him holding a tape measure. In this VR porn video, he explains that the job she is interviewing for is to become his personal assistant and he has very specific qualifications in mind. Qualifications that she seems to fit perfectly. However, it is not her skills that have earned her this opportunity, but her breast size. If this is what it takes to get the job, she is going to show him that her tits are huge, they are gorgeous and that she is willing to do more than show them off if it gets her where she wants to be. Her boss likes her attitude and gets both of his hands full of her soft breastmeat. Sandra can see the effect that her tits have on her boss and wraps them tightly around his big cock, showing her some skills that were not on her resume. He loves the way she tit wanks him but wants more so she sucks him until he is nice and wet. Then his big cock fills her tight pussy. Since she is going to have to fuck him regularly, she is happy to see that he is not only big but also quite skilled with his cock. Sandra rides him until he fills her mouth with cum. Maybe not the way she wanted to get the promotion, but she will take it any way she can get it.

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